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With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and over five years of technical and management work experience, I pride myself on being a collaborative team leader and advocating for continuous systems improvement to ensure effective project management and goal execution.


2010/2014 Computer science @ Caritas university


May 2023 / august 2023 technical on-boarder @ amplify

Safeguarded all personal identifiable information (PII) by diligently managing customer data and closely monitoring
transfers to ensure optimal compatibility.
Investigated technical complexities, providing solutions for diverse implementation structures.
Managed customer on-boarding and support for various Amplify product implementations.
Analyzed and prioritized information, swiftly communicating in a fast-paced setting.
Conducted comprehensive data quality checks across diverse organizational sectors.
Diagnosed and resolved technical issues, providing guided assistance to users.
Delivered daily data synchronization reports and crafted software licenses.
Deployed threshold checks and updates using Salesforce effectively.

Oct 2020 - May 2023 Technical Support Representative @ Accentuate Staffing

Channeled valuable customer feedback to product and engineering teams for issue identification, impact tracking,
and resolution enhancement. Feedback included negative, positive, and neutral responses.
Facilitated full deployment of resources into customer organizations while troubleshooting platform issues and
resolving cloud infrastructure-related problems.
Worked closely with the international sales team on profitable up-sell opportunities, and assisted in customer success
managers in completing product rollouts.
Catered to diverse customer needs ranging from small businesses to large enterprises and educational institutions
with superior service quality.
Delivered exceptional technical support to customers, ensuring product and service satisfaction through clear written
and verbal communication.
Served as a technical expert in handling customer correspondence via live chat, email, and video calls to address their
inquiries effectively.
Mastered comprehensive knowledge of platforms, products, and services as a technical expert.
Fostered team learning by sharing expertise via mentorship and collaboration.

Oct 2019 - Oct 2020 Technical Advisor Mac-OS @ Conduent

Surpassed call quota by 15%, managing 250 daily calls with outstanding efficiency.
Orchestrated detailed customer insight report by carefully inputting 12,000+ data units.
Ensured compliance with software delivery processes by examining metrics and supervising procedures, actively
pinpointing inefficiencies or necessary controls for improvement.
Tailored comprehensive document procedures as needed and spearheaded interactive team training sessions;
maintained constant vigilance on user onboarding data.
Coached team to amplify performance, advocating for exploration of standard solutions or quality software
utilization first.
Earned a five-star customer satisfaction rating via articulate voice and email interactions.
Utilized active listening to diagnose, resolve tech issues, and guide users effectively.

Oct 2019 - Oct 2020 Operations Shift Coordinator @ CVS Health

Trained 10 recruits on company policies, procedures, and compliance for adherence promotion.
Assisted in troubleshooting and continuous improvement activities with contractors/vendors; effectively
communicated performance measures to superiors.
Directed maintenance activities to bolster reliable operation of the facility.
Orchestrated daily systems and processes for optimal operational efficiency.
Resolved customer issues per company policy, boosting positive experiences.
Managed union atmosphere, prioritizing and directing personnel effectively.
Ensured consistent product quality through vigilant, continuous monitoring.
Managed teams at scrap facilities, promoting safety and productivity.
Provided necessary tools for safe, efficient facility operations.

Aug 2018 - Oct 2019 Operations Shift Manager @ RITE AID

Leveraged troubleshooting skills to enhance improvement activities with contractors/vendors; efficiently relayed key
performance metrics to superiors.
Spearheaded maintenance and operations for scrap handling facilities for optimal performance.
Managed teams at scrap facilities, promoting safety and productivity in work environment.
Navigated union environment skillfully, guiding staff with strategic prioritization.
Trained five employees on company rules and regulations, boosting team efficiency.
Directed maintenance activities to fortify reliable operation across the board.
Procured necessary tools and resources for safe, efficient facility operation.
Sustained product quality consistently through vigilant oversight

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