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Business development professional with expertise in analytics and data-driven customer acquisition strategy.
Proven track record of driving net new business and nurturing existing client relations for strong retention,
engagement and growth. Excellent verbal and written communication skills which have helped cultivate
positive relationships with clients and prospects leading me to exceed my revenue and meetings goals.


August 2018-March 2020 Biomedical Technology @ Oral Roberts University


May 2022-Current Business Development Representative @ Splash

Consistently generating opportunities with an Annual Contract Value (ACV) ranging between $14,000 and $23,000.
Demonstrating mastery in sales volume growth by skillfully managing conversations and adeptly addressing objections.
Employing a highly optimized lead generation approach through the orchestration of multi-channel pipelines to acquire new customers effectively.
Conducting in-depth market analysis, including customer budgets assessment, competitive landscape evaluation, and overall market dynamics analysis to meticulously qualify and pursue new business opportunities.
Formulating and executing customer acquisition strategies meticulously crafted to maximize sales volume.
Cultivating robust relationships with key industry partners, strategically leveraging these connections to advance business development goals across various avenues.

February 2021-May 2022 Business Development Specialist @ JumpCrew

Spearheaded accelerated market growth for clients through the implementation of data-centric strategies and meticulously designed processes.

Crafted actionable pipelines and astutely identified opportunities aimed at enhancing profitability.

Conducted thorough evaluations and enhancements of sales, marketing, and branding strategies to yield impactful improvements.

Pioneered the identification and development of innovative business lines, driven by a keen analysis of consumer data and market trends.

Demonstrated a knack for optimizing lead generation by orchestrating dynamic multi-channel pipelines for the acquisition of valuable customers.

Conducted comprehensive assessments of the competitive landscape, factoring in related products and markets, to inform strategic decision-making.

Masterfully engaged with prospects through both cold and warm calling, fostering immediate trust and capitalizing on every interaction to nurture valuable relationships.

Showcased an impressive ability to create business opportunities across diverse market segments, demonstrating adaptability and expertise in various arenas.

May 2018-February 2021 Co-Founder @ SwaraSolutions

Strategic Campaign Oversight: Successfully organized and approved promotional campaigns, ensuring alignment with the company’s vision and objectives.

Revenue Growth Focus: Implemented enhanced marketing and customer engagement strategies that led to substantial growth in monthly recurring revenue, contributing to the company’s financial success.

Data-Driven Insights: Leveraged raw customer data to derive actionable insights, facilitating data-informed decision-making crucial for business growth.

Industry Trend Expertise: Assisted clients in understanding the strategic implications of industry trends, helping the company stay ahead of the curve and seize competitive advantages.

Market Expansion: Effectively targeted consumers with new product and service options, driving expansion into previously untapped markets and customer segments.

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