Landing Your Dream Job: Make It Happen!

So your dream job seems like a distant vision and you feel stuck and uninspired?

8 Aug 2021
Natalya Luft
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Landing Your Dream Job: Make It Happen!

So your dream job seems like a distant vision and you feel stuck and uninspired? Well what are you going to do about it?! The trick to getting what you want is to take action in a planned and structured way. But firstly, you need to get the right attitude – a positive and action oriented attitude that will see you starting to take responsibility for your career and its progression, rather than waiting for someone to do it for you! If you have a dream job in mind, then think about the steps you’d need to break into it. Ask if you have transferable skills, or relevant qualifications that you’ll need in your role. If so, start hunting down openings – whether they’re paid opportunities or internships just to get you through the door. If not, then start to think broadly about how you make yourself attractive as an employee or self-employed person within your dream sector.

Keeping an open mind

Much of the modern working world is changing rapidly and this offers new opportunities for those willing to work flexibly. These types of flexible and ‘no collar’ jobs aren’t just for the creative and media sectors either. If you work in finance for example, there are plenty of contractor accountants who opt for the flexible route that allows them to earn a good day rate and balance their work and life as they see fit.

Training and development

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of getting the job of your dreams. Simply put, without the right qualifications, you won’t be able to work in the job of your dreams. But don’t assume that you need to go back to university. Find out from someone working in your target industry, what sort of skills and experience are valued and how broad the qualifications needed can be. You may already have plenty of good experience and skills to interest an employer and they may be willing to hire you as a trainee. Apprenticeships are a great example of schemes where young people can get into their dream industry by working and training on the job.

Networking for success

Networking is essential for making contacts – and in the world of work, it truly often is a case of ‘who you know’ that opens doors to your dream position. So join business groups, project groups, interest groups as appropriate. Get active on social media and make yourself known in the industry you want to work in. Be tenacious and unafraid to put yourself forward and show how you could be an asset in the role.

Essentially, your job is to make sure you’re ready for your dream role – by showing you have the attributes an employer is seeking, that you’re enthusiastic and proactive to get into the job you want and that you take time to be responsible for development and look broadly to seek out opportunities. Fortune has been said to favour the brave, so prioritise your career and reap the rewards of your efforts!

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