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TaskUs is a different breed of BPO. We are a collective of highly capable humans, who understand how to deploy technology and data to best serve your purpose. From Digital CX to Content Security, Data & AI Operations, Consulting, and anything in between, we consider ourselves responsible for protecting our partners’ interests and supporting their long term success through innovation and technology – powered by ridiculously smart people.
TaskUs partners with the world’s most innovative and disruptive brands to protect what matters most and to thrive in an ever changing world.

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An autonomous driving tech company was experiencing lackluster employee satisfaction and outdated processes. Enter Us! Watch the video to find out the results and go further with Us today. Visit our website to know more! https://taskus.me/3QI46Kw

Join TaskUs' Sr. Behavior Scientist Timir Bharucha at the #StanfordResearchConference as he talks about TaskUs' research on addressing startle response’s impact on improving moderators’ efficiency and wellness.

Learn more here: http://taskus.me/3zxzLru

For 14 years, we have been reimagining the outsourcing industry with benefits that put our people first.
14 Ridiculously Good years. 14 Ridiculously Good answers. Happy Anniversary, TaskUs!

Machine learning models are only as good as the data they are trained with. Feed it with junk data, and get junk back.

Find out how you can select the best data annotation company to help your ML project succeed: https://taskus.me/3KP1tVW

We're ready for the biggest gathering of Trust & Safety experts around the globe! Join Rachel Lutz Guevara, VP of TaskUs Global Wellness + Resiliency, as she discusses workplace wellness and overall employee well-being.

Know more here: http://taskus.me/3zxzLru

Experience a world-class, people-first culture within a global community of Taskers.

Join TaskVerse today: https://bit.ly/TaskVerseSignup

Travel companies are caught in a bumpy ride as reservations and escalations shake the industry. What do you think is the biggest cause of turbulence in travel and tourism today?

Answer our poll and find out in our next Fireside Chat. Sign up here: https://taskus.me/3TVmSkf

We are proud to be a Champion Sponsor of TrustCon, the global conference for Trust & Safety professionals! Join our Trust + Safety Global Lead Phil Tomlinson & other Trust and Safety Professional Association members at the #TrustCon2022. Learn more: http://taskus.me/3AlDvwx

It’s the first entry for TaskUs but we recorded an impressive score as a Major Contender in the Everest Group’s CXM assessment. We are proud of our score in the two key dimensions: Market Impact and Vision & Capability.

Read more: https://taskus.me/3eVMM7u

Automation is drastically reshaping the shopping experience.

Here’s how TaskUs is empowering the retail industry through Ridiculously Good data labeling services: https://taskus.me/3qktcEl

With online games on the rise, the gamer community is bound to have some bad apples. Here’s how to ensure safety while creating memorable and unique experiences: https://taskus.me/3Dyfxlh https://www.taskus.com/insights/the-criticality-of-effective-identify-verification-kyc-models-for-gaming-platforms/

Together, humans truly achieve some amazing feats in the healthcare industry—but what if we can take it to the next level? Check out how AI lends a big hand in assisting industry professionals. https://taskus.me/3KQ4x48

This World Suicide Prevention Day, know how you can be part of the solution and make sure that help is always available. Learn to save others with these tips and through http://BeThe1To.com. You + Us = Uplifting One Another.

While Automated Vehicles are conquering roads thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence, they are still fueled by real-time human-in-the-loop data visualization support to ensure passengers have a smooth ride.

Read here to learn more: https://taskus.me/3DcfQBL

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Where is TaskUs headquarters?

TaskUs headquarters is located at San Antonio, TX.

When was TaskUs founded?

TaskUs was founded in 2008.

How many employees does TaskUs have?

TaskUs has 50+ employees.

What is TaskUs's core business?

TaskUs is Outsourcing/Offshoring company.

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