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TaskUs is a different breed of BPO. We are a collective of highly capable humans, who understand how to deploy technology and data to best serve your purpose. From Digital CX to Content Security, Data & AI Operations, Consulting, and anything in between, we consider ourselves responsible for protecting our partners’ interests and supporting their long term success through innovation and technology – powered by ridiculously smart people.
TaskUs partners with the world’s most innovative and disruptive brands to protect what matters most and to thrive in an ever changing world.

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You+Us? It's a date! See you at the Global Dating Insights Conference with TaskUs’ Darien Moses. No catfishing, we promise.

Set a personal meeting with her in advance here: https://taskus.me/3z7JtB6

Bring home a hefty haul of retail insights and connections at ShopTalk 2023! Schedule a quick meeting with Us at the event: https://taskus.me/3z1EJwL

Potential benefits. Ethical dilemmas. We talk about the rapid rise of AI, ChatGPT, and more in the newest episode of CX+U. Listen here: https://taskus.me/3ZbPYxo

Get paid on your own time—anytime, anywhere, today!

Whether you're a homemaker or just looking for more flexibility, TaskVerse welcomes YOU!

Join Us today! https://taskus.me/TaskVerseSignUp

Goodbye brick-and-mortar? The era of click-and-mortar has arrived. Navigate the AR-powered, social-media-mad, highly-omnipresent retail of the future with Us. Learn more here:

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From Brick-and-Mortar to Click-and-Mortar: The Reimagined Future of Retail

What does the future of retail hold, and how can retailers position themselves for success in this era of rapid convergence?


With a 77.3% campaign eNPS, our excellent data annotation capabilities helped this leading autonomous vehicle company put the pedal to the metal to their goals.

Check out this case study:

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Data Tagging for an Autonomous Vehicle Company

Learn how TaskUs put the pedal to the metal on its data labeling services to enhance the AI training of an autonomous vehicle company.


Got Q’s about the outsourcing process? Well, we’ve got the A’s! Read on for TaskUs Senior Director of Project Management Johnny Follin’s outsourcing process guide:

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Outsourcing Process Simplified:  The What’s, Why’s, and How’s

From kickstarting your campaign to getting it live, we answer the most common questions on the outsourcing process.


Technology evolves at the speed of light—and so can you, with Us! Our agile, disruptive, and innovative technology solutions will help you stay ahead of the curve. Check out our Technology services below! https://taskus.me/hitech

Scale your AI project with the power of the crowd!

Explore TaskVerse, our centralized platform to source, recruit, and manage freelancers from around the world. https://taskus.me/TaskVerse

Explore outstanding outsourcing in Europe today! TaskUs Europe Business Development experts Max Zagar and Nathan Chew share their thoughts on our latest CX+U podcast. https://taskus.me/3m1k2y0

Let Us make outsourcing simple, streamlined, and succinct for you!

Join Johnny Follin, TaskUs’ Senior Director of Project Management, as he discusses the implementation process in the latest episode of Inside Out. https://youtu.be/OuLn8wC_0zc

Investing in your employees’ wellness can bring significant value to your business. Learn more how TaskUs' Wellness Solutions have shown to improve employee satisfaction and retention rates in our research findings here. https://taskus.me/Wellness-Resiliency

The key to a powerful customer connection? Speak their language. TaskUs Europe’s Business Development experts Max Zagar and Nathan Chew discuss the importance of multilingual customer support in creating better customer experiences on CX+U: https://taskus.me/3RZe78k

We helped a leading US-based food delivery company’s menu transcription business achieve a 96% accuracy score and 97% productivity rate. Download the case study to know more:

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Menu Transcription For a Food Delivery Company

TaskUs provides Menu Transcription to streamline the digital user experience, effectively driving Service Innovation for ...


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Where is TaskUs headquarters?

TaskUs headquarters is located at San Antonio, TX.

When was TaskUs founded?

TaskUs was founded in 2008.

How many employees does TaskUs have?

TaskUs has 50+ employees.

What is TaskUs's core business?

TaskUs is Outsourcing/Offshoring company.

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