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BroadPath provides transformational outsourcing and managed services powered by our one-of-a-kind, 100% remote business model. We provide highly flexible, scalable, and on-demand solutions that deliver unparalleled results. BroadPath’s fresh approach brings high-performance solutions to both seasonal or episodic work as well as steady-state operations. Healthcare, financial service, travel + hospitality, and high-growth companies leverage our remote workplace platform, Bhive, which makes remote work less distant and revolutionizes employee engagement, team performance and security in contact centers nationwide. Coupling BroadPath and Bhive introduces a better way. A better way of working, achieving results, connecting teams, and adapting to change. We live in the future – now. To take the journey with us and visit www.broad-path.com and www.go.inbhive.com

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A large percentage of customer service agents have joined the ranks of work from home employees, and while this transformation has brought benefits, such as reduced commute time, the toll of prolonged sitting has not gone away

#WFH #remotework


Here are five time-tested virtual training principles—gleaned from our Bhive R&D and ongoing communication with stakeholders—that will keep your remote-learning environment resilient during turbulent times.
#WFH #Virtualtraining #Adultlearning


Beginning April 1, 2023, states will be able to terminate Medicaid coverage for individuals who no longer qualify, requiring them to redetermine the eligibility status of an estimated 90 million Americans. Here are our insights to combat this change.


BroadPath has announced that company founder @1DaronRobertson has transitioned from his role as CEO of the BPO. Robertson has assumed the position of Chairman + will be working closely with BP's Advisory Board. Don Hubman, COO, was named Daron’s successor. https://broad-path.com/blog/donhubman-ceo/

"Although employees are routinely coached to show empathy as a means of resetting the customer's emotional state, research suggests that simply expecting employees to 'feel with' our customers can trigger distress." https://broad-path.com/blog/smiling-down-the-phone-emotional-labor-attrition-in-customer-service-and-what-we-can-do/

Check out this @ForbesBizCncl post from #DaronRobertson on emotional labor and attrition in customer service and what we can do to help. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinesscouncil/2022/09/07/smiling-down-the-phone-emotional-labor-attrition-in-customer-service-and-what-we-can-do/?utm_content=220424010&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin&hss_channel=lcp-27064223&sh=f9201647d7c5

Discover what makes us the #1 company for remote work at http://www.broad-path.com

#remotejobs #remotework #jobs #jobsearch #FJTop100 #Workfromhome

We’re so proud to share that @BroadPathHCS has been named No. 1 on the Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs list by @flexjobs!

#remotejobs #remotework #jobs #jobsearch #FJTop100 #Workfromhome @1DaronRobertson


Women and new employees are more likely to be fatigued by Zoom meetings than their colleagues, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology @kshockles @BroadPathHCS


We are so excited to share this week's episode! We were joined by @ProfASGabriel and @kshockles: the authors' of an amazing new article about video call fatigue. Listen in as we discuss their work!



Thankful that @BroadPathHCS made this research on #zoomfatigue happen with @kshockles, @nitya_chawla, @MahiraGanster, & team! https://twitter.com/DrKAFletcher/status/1441826870723502080

Virtual meetings got you feeling blue? 😣 According to research by @kshockles and @BroadPathHCS, being on camera all the time may cause your Zoom fatigue—especially if you’re a woman or new employee.

https://t.uga.edu/7n1 | #UGA #UGAResearch @ugapsychology @UGAFranklin

Check out our interview on NPR featuring research that we partnered with @BroadPathHCS to conduct. https://twitter.com/BrianLehrer/status/1433233716470599681

To fight Zoom fatigue, give people the freedom to turn their cameras off.

New experiment: videos off reduces exhaustion and boosts engagement—especially for women and newcomers.

Cameras off doesn't reflect disengagement. It helps to prevent burnout and promote attention.

Daron Robertson sits down with @FotisGeorgiadi3
of @AuthorityMgzine to review the 5 things you need to know to successfully manage a remote team.

#Workfromhome #remotework #remoteteams


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Where is BroadPath headquarters?

BroadPath headquarters is located at TUCSON, AZ.

When was BroadPath founded?

BroadPath was founded in 2008.

How many employees does BroadPath have?

BroadPath has 50+ employees.

What is BroadPath's core business?

BroadPath is Outsourcing/Offshoring company.

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