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With the Remote Desktop app for iOS, iPadOS, and Android, you can connect to and control a remote Windows computer to work with your files and applications.

  1. Use Remote Desktop Software: One of the most popular and widely used solutions for remotely accessing a PC from an iPhone or Android device is Remote Desktop software. Some popular options include Microsoft Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, and Splashtop.
  2. Download the Remote Desktop App: Once you’ve chosen your remote desktop software, download the app to your iPhone or Android device from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Set up Remote Access on your PC: In order to remotely access your PC, you’ll need to set it up for remote access. This typically involves enabling remote access in the settings of your operating system, and configuring your router to allow incoming remote desktop connections.
  4. Connect to your PC: Once your PC is set up for remote access, open the remote desktop app on your iPhone or Android device and enter the IP address or hostname of your PC. You’ll also need to enter the username and password for the account you want to use to remotely access your PC.
  5. Control your PC remotely: Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to control your PC remotely, just as if you were sitting in front of it. You’ll have access to all the files and applications on your PC, and can even transfer files between your PC and mobile device.
  6. Keep the PC and mobile device connected to the internet: To access the PC remotely, both the PC and the mobile device must be connected to the internet. If either one of them loses internet connection, the remote access will be lost.
  7. Use a VPN: If you’re accessing your PC from a public Wi-Fi network, it’s a good idea to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to secure your connection.

By using remote desktop software, you can easily access and control your PC from your iPhone or Android device. Keep in mind that while remote desktop software is convenient and easy to use, it also introduces a security risk. So be sure to take steps to protect your PC and your personal information when using remote desktop software.


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