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Research has shown that people referred for a job are 4x more likely to be offered it than those without a referral. While a recommendation isn’t necessarily an internal referral, these letters show that someone credible vouches for the letter’s subject to have this position. A good letter of recommendation can make or break an application.

Here is a guide to writing a letter of recommendation:

  1. Address the letter to the correct person: Start the letter with a formal address and the correct salutation.
  2. Explain your relationship to the candidate: Briefly state how you know the candidate and for how long you have known them.
  3. Discuss the candidate’s skills and qualities: Mention specific examples of the candidate’s skills, qualifications, and achievements that make them a good fit for the position or opportunity they are pursuing.
  4. Provide evidence to support your points: Use specific examples to illustrate the candidate’s abilities and strengths. This will help to make your letter more credible and persuasive.
  5. End with a strong recommendation: Conclude the letter by strongly recommending the candidate for the position or opportunity and providing your contact information for follow-up.


Dear [Admissions Committee/Hiring Manager],

I am writing to recommend [Name], who I have known for [X years/since [Year]] in [personal/professional] capacity. [Name] has been a [student/colleague/employee] of mine and I have been consistently impressed by [their/her/his] [skills/qualifications/achievements].

In [Name]’s role as [Job Title], [they/she/he] demonstrated exceptional [skill/quality]. For example, [provide specific example]. [Name] consistently demonstrates [skill/quality], which has made [them/her/him] a valuable asset to [Company/Class/Team].

I have no doubt that [Name] will continue to excel in [future endeavors/the position they are applying for]. [They/She/He] has a strong work ethic, is a quick learner, and is able to work well under pressure. [Name] would be an asset to any organization and I highly recommend [them/her/him] for [position/opportunity].

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Contact Information]

Thanks for your feedback

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