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Seeing who you’re subscribed to on YouTube is quite straightforward. However, seeing who’s subscribed to you isn’t as direct due to privacy settings. Here’s how you can do both:

To see who you’re subscribed to:

  1. Sign in to YouTube on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Click on the “Subscriptions” button on the left panel of the homepage.
  3. This will take you to a page with the latest videos from the channels you’re subscribed to.
  4. To see a list of all the channels you’re subscribed to, click on the “All” button at the top.

This method allows you to see all of the channels you’re currently subscribed to in a list format, making it easy to browse and manage your subscriptions.

To see who’s subscribed to you:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. On the left panel, click on “Analytics.”
  3. Then, click on “Audience.”
  4. Scroll down, and you’ll see a section called “Subscriber bell notifications.”

In this section, you’ll see the number of subscribers who have turned on all notifications for your channel. However, YouTube doesn’t provide specific names of those who have subscribed to you due to privacy reasons. This means you won’t be able to see a full list of who’s subscribed to your channel unless a subscriber has made their subscriptions public. In that case, you may see them under the “Recent Subscribers” section.

As a general note, remember that the way people use YouTube varies, and subscribers are just one part of your audience. YouTube’s analytics tools offer much more than just subscriber count, providing valuable insights into how your audience is interacting with your content.

How to Organize Your YouTube Subscriptions

Navigating the never-ending stream of content available on YouTube can feel overwhelming at times, especially when your list of subscribed channels has grown significantly. Organizing your YouTube subscriptions can help you streamline your content consumption and transform a scattered playlist into a neatly curated selection. Let’s delve into the ways to declutter and organize your YouTube subscriptions for a better viewing experience.

1. Utilize Playlists

Creating themed playlists is a practical way to categorize content from your subscriptions. For instance, separate playlists for ‘Cooking Tutorials’ and ‘Tech Reviews’ can help you quickly access your interests. Regularly adding new finds to these playlists keeps your feed tailored and organized.

2. Explore Browser Extensions

There are various browser extensions and third-party apps designed to enhance YouTube’s functionality (e.g. PocketTube). These tools can offer advanced ways to group and filter subscriptions. However, prioritize your security and privacy when choosing these tools.

3. Understanding Your Viewing Habits

Before you start the process of organizing your YouTube subscriptions, it’s crucial to understand your viewing habits. Are there certain channels that you visit regularly? Are there videos that are saved in your “watch later” list that have remained unwatched for months? Recognizing your viewing patterns can help you determine which subscriptions are worth keeping and which ones you can let go.

Evaluate Your Interests: Start by identifying the genres of videos you’re most drawn to. Are you a fan of cooking tutorials, or do you prefer tech reviews? Once you’ve identified your interests, check your subscriptions to see if they align with those preferences.

Prioritize Your Content: Next, think about the channels you visit frequently. These are likely the channels that produce the most engaging content for you. They should take priority when you start the organization process.

4. Unsubscribe From Unwanted Channels

One of the most straightforward steps you can take to organize your YouTube subscriptions is to unsubscribe from channels that you no longer find interesting or relevant.

Audit Your Subscriptions: On the left side of your YouTube homepage, you can access a list of your subscriptions. Take a moment to go through this list and consider whether each channel still aligns with your interests.

Unsubscribe Liberally: Don’t be afraid to hit the unsubscribe button. Remember, unsubscribing doesn’t mean you can never watch content from that channel again. It merely helps declutter your subscription feed and focus on the content that truly interests you.

5. Using the “Custom” Subscription Option

YouTube offers a “Custom” subscription option that allows you to receive personalized updates from each channel. This means you can choose to receive all notifications, only some, or none at all from individual channels.

Set Notification Preferences: For each channel, you can choose how often you want to receive notifications. If you subscribe to a channel that posts daily, but you only want to watch their weekly round-up, setting custom notifications can be a lifesaver.

Tailor Your Content Consumption: This tool gives you control over what content appears in your feed and when, enabling you to streamline your YouTube usage and avoid unnecessary distractions.

6. Managing Your Notifications

Notifications are a great way to stay updated with new content from your subscriptions. However, too many notifications can be overwhelming and may lead to you missing out on content from your favorite channels.

Tune Your Notifications: Decide which channels are important enough for you to receive instant notifications. These should ideally be the channels that you interact with the most. For the rest, you can set a daily or weekly digest, or turn off notifications completely.

Avoid Notification Overload: Too many notifications can cause important ones to get lost in the shuffle. Prioritizing notifications from your top channels ensures you won’t miss content you’re most interested in.

7. Consistently Re-evaluate Your Subscriptions

Finally, remember that your interests and preferences may change over time. It’s important to periodically review your subscriptions to make sure they still align with your current interests.

Perform Regular Audits: Set a reminder to review your YouTube subscriptions every few months. This routine maintenance can help you keep your subscription list tidy and relevant.

Adapt to Your Changing Interests: As you grow and evolve, so will your tastes and interests. Don’t hesitate to explore new genres or channels, and remember to unsubscribe from content that no longer serves you.


YouTube offers a wealth of content to explore, but without proper organization, this abundance can easily become overwhelming. By understanding your viewing habits, unsubscribing from unnecessary channels, using the “Custom” subscription option, organizing channels into collections, managing your notifications, and regularly re-evaluating your subscriptions, you can make your YouTube experience much more streamlined and enjoyable. So go ahead, dive into the world of YouTube with a newly organized perspective, and never miss out on content you love!


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