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How award-winning workplaces spotlight their company culture and employee experience on social media.

From heartfelt videos of employees’ personal stories to playful office parties, here are some of the most creative employee spotlight examples we saw that day.

  1. Social media takeover: Allow an employee to take over the company’s social media accounts for a day and share their work and daily life at the company.
  2. Employee-led workshops: Have an employee lead a workshop or presentation on a topic they are passionate about or an area of expertise.
  3. Employee-written blog post: Allow an employee to write a guest blog post on the company website, sharing their thoughts on a relevant industry topic or their experience working at the company.
  4. Video interview: Create a short video interview with the employee, featuring their background, role at the company, and their thoughts on the company culture.
  5. “Day in the life” feature: Create a “day in the life” feature on the company website, highlighting an employee’s daily responsibilities and tasks.
  6. “Meet the team” page: Create a “meet the team” page on the company website, featuring a bio and photo of each employee, along with their role and responsibilities at the company.
  7. Employee recognition awards: Create employee recognition awards, such as “employee of the month” or “top performer,” to spotlight the achievements of individual employees.
  8. Employee-led tours: Allow an employee to lead tours of the company’s facilities, giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the company and the work of its employees.
  9. Employee-led networking events: Have an employee lead a networking event for the company, bringing together employees and industry professionals.
  10. Employee testimonial videos: Create short videos featuring employees sharing their thoughts on working at the company, the company culture and their experience.

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