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If you have any concerns about inappropriate or unsafe content on Jobicy, please report this content directly to the below support channel.

The safety and well being of our users is important to us and we take all reported concerns seriously.

Please feel free to report any of the following:

  • Spam, inappropriate, and offensive content
  • Inappropriate profile photos
  • Phishing or suspicious messages
  • Safety concerns

After reviewing the reported items, we’ll take them down if necessary. It’s against our Privacy Policy to share the identity of someone who flags an item. We have limited ability to act on content appearing beyond our site, unless it’s in direct violation of our brand.

Note: Please only report items that are inappropriate as defined in our terms of service. A difference of opinion isn’t the right reason to flag something.

To report any types of inappropriate content please send us a message with the subject line “Inappropriate Content or Safety Concerns”.


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