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We often see hiring managers struggling to find good candidates that are suitable for the role they’re offering. Here’s a list of reasons why it is so, along with some useful insights and suggestions about what you can do about them:

1. They don’t have a good understanding of the role

While nine in 10 candidates say the information in a job ad is critically important, only four in 10 are confident in knowing what the job involves.

2. A salary range isn’t stated

This is a very important point for many candidates, with one in two people wanting to know more about salaries.

3. The requirements on your job description are too long and too narrow

Some candidates look for reasons as to why they shouldn’t apply for a job rather than looking for why they should. Such candidates are more likely to be put off if you have a long list of requirements as they might feel that they don’t tick every single box. That’s probably the reason why you’re not getting great applications.

4. The skill-set combination that you’re looking for isn’t available

While it’s important to clearly list your job requirements – including product experience, location, seniority level and so on – it can have a flip side too. For example, some candidates – who have that mix of experience – might not be in that location or might not be willing to relocate.

5. You don’t have a Strong Employer Brand

A strong employer brand is extremely important in the current hiring market. After all, it can help you to stand out from other companies and to promote your organisation as a great place to work.

Because of this, if your employer brand isn’t up to scratch then it could be why people aren’t applying to your jobs. It would be very unusual for a candidate not to do a quick Google of your organisation, in an attempt to find out what it’s like to work there and what your current employees say about you.

6. You are not promoting your job

Your job is lost and does not stand out against hundreds of others. If possible, use promotions to get placement at the top of lists and highlighting in color. Usually all of this is included in advanced plans at job boards.

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