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If you have purchased a service and the amount you were charged on your payment method is different from the price expressed in the cart during the purchasing process, or on your receipt after payment, it can be due to the following reasons:

Payment in installments

When you choose to pay in installments (if available), you have the option to pick a different period for the installments than the duration of your plan. This can result in a mismatch between the price per month of the hosting plan itself as shown in the cart, and the amount of each installment.

To solve it during the purchase, just choose a plan that matches the available installments, or select to make the purchase in one payment.

If the installment option is provided directly by the financial institution that issued your payment method, they can require additional fees. In that case, you can contact them directly to find out more details about any applicable fees.

Payment using a payment method with a different currency

If the funds in your payment method are stored in a different currency than the one used while purchasing, a currency exchange fee may be applied by your financial institution. For instance, if you purchase at Jobicy (where we accept USD) using a card in GBP, your bank will charge an exchange fee for the transaction.

Each financial institution can have varying policies and currency conversion rates for different currencies. If you would like to understand how any of these fees is determined, we would recommend contacting the company that has issued your payment method.

And if you have any questions regarding your payment, you can contact our team, we will gladly assist you!


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