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We make sure the payments reach us through a secure connection, so we use a 3D Secure verification. If you encounter an error related to the 3D Secure verification or a message indicating that the payment authorization has failed, the possible reasons are:

  • You have a pop-up blocker installed in your browser or device that is preventing the additional 3D Secure page from opening
  • You are overseas, and your bank is sending a netcode SMS, but you are not using the same phone number
  • Your bank is currently not enrolled in the 3D Secure verification program, or the card does not support international and online payments

If this error occurred, simply try making the payment again from a different browser, making sure that all the browser extensions are disabled.

In case the issue persists, please contact your bank or card issuer to know if they support the 3D Secure verification program and whether the card can be used for international and online payments.


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