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Crafting a professional resume is the first step towards landing your dream job. At Jobicy, we’ve streamlined the resume creation process to be intuitive and efficient. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to update your professional story, our platform is designed to assist you every step of the way. Follow this enhanced guide to create a standout resume on Jobicy.

  1. Starting the Process:
    • First, log in to your Jobicy account. This is your gateway to accessing a range of career tools and resources.
    • Navigate to your Candidate Dashboard, which can be easily found in the account dropdown menu at the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This dashboard is your central hub for all your job-seeking activities.
  2. Initiating Resume Creation:
    • In your Candidate Dashboard, you’ll find the option to create a new resume. This is the starting point for crafting your online Resume/CV.
    • Our platform offers an intuitive interface, guiding you through each step to ensure you include all the necessary information, from personal details to work experience and education.
  3. Using the Resume Builder:
    • For a more guided experience, try our Resume Builder. Accessible via a dedicated link within your dashboard, this tool simplifies the resume creation process.
    • The Resume Builder prompts you to input information in a structured format, ensuring no critical details are missed. It also offers various templates and design options to personalize your resume.
  4. Customization and Personalization:
    • Add sections such as skills, certifications, languages, and hobbies to provide a comprehensive picture of your professional and personal attributes.
  5. Saving and Sharing Your Resume:
    • Once you’re satisfied with your resume, save it directly to your Jobicy account. This allows for quick and easy access when applying for jobs through our platform.
    • Additionally, you have the option to share your resume. This feature is especially useful if you wish to solicit feedback or network with professionals in your field.
  6. Ready for Applications:
    • With your resume saved in your Jobicy account, you’re now ready to apply to jobs with ease. Your well-crafted resume can be easily attached to applications, making the process streamlined and efficient.

Creating a resume on Jobicy is more than just a task; it’s an opportunity to showcase your unique professional journey in a compelling way. By following these detailed steps, you can ensure your resume stands out and effectively communicates your skills and experiences to potential employers. Start building your professional legacy today with Jobicy.


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