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There are a few reasons why your new job may not initially appear in the search results, including failure to adhere to our job posting guidelines. Even if your job appeared in the search results initially, it can still stop being displayed later. Below are some reasons why your jobs may not appear:

You chose a paid job package, but did not pay for it.

  • To fix this, login and complete the job package payment.

Your job is paused or closed.

  • To fix this, change the status of your job to Mark not filled.

Your account is under review.

  • Jobicy Care Team can review an account at anytime. Contact us to speak with your Helper.

You need to verify your email.

  • An email address must be verified to complete setting up an account. Login to send yourself the verification email.

You need to supply proof of identity.

  • Your account is in review and you need to supply additional information. We will provide you a list of options on what you can submit to help us verify your account.

Your job has reduced visibility due to a possible violation of our job posting best practices.

Your browser cookies are preventing the job from appearing.

  • If you keep searching for your job and do not click on it, the Jobicy search algorithm assumes the job was not relevant and stops showing it.

Jobs that do not meet Jobicy standards may be subject to review and require additional information. Listings that prove misleading, compromise the job seeker experience or those which we are not convinced represent a “real” job may be removed from search results altogether.

Please note: Jobicy may reject or remove any job and may disable any Company’s account, for any or no reason. We cannot give every reason why a job or a company may be removed, and we always retain the right to remove any job, free or paid, if we feel it is in our interest or our users’ interest.

If your job is still not shown and you have questions, please contact us to speak with your Helper.

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