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An applicant rejection letter or email is a document an employer sends to job applicants who do not qualify for the company’s open positions.
job applicant is a person who applied for your open job position by sending the required documents (a resume and or portfolio), but did not qualify for the next phase of the selection process.
In other words, you can use this rejection letter sample for all the job applicants that you will not be interviewing or moving to the next stage of your hiring process.

The importance of a rejection letter or email to applicants

Writing and sending a clear and positive rejection letter is not only a kind but also a proper and professional way to address received applications.
Sending a professional rejection letter is also crucial for ensuring a great employer branding and improving your candidate experience.
Applicants appreciate receiving official notification in a form of a rejection letter from companies in which they invested the time to apply.
Another reason why it is important to send a professional rejection letter is that they help you build, instead of end relationships. Despite popular belief, a candidate’s experience doesn’t end when you decide not to hire them. Candidates that don’t make the cut for this position may be a perfect fit for some other current or future job opening.

How to use this ejection letter sample or rejection email template?

To help you save time, we have created a standard applicants rejection letter sample or rejection email template. Use and customize this rejection letter sample or rejection email template to suit your needs, and send it via email or traditional mail.

Template for a rejection letter or email to applicants

Use this rejection letter sample or rejection email template to save time. This rejection letter sample or rejection email template contains all the most important elements that a good rejection letter should have. Use this rejection letter sample or rejection email template and feel free to customize it to fit your own needs.

Dear Mr./Ms. [insert applicant’s last name],
Thank you for your application for the [insert your job position title] at [insert your company’s name]. We really appreciate your interest in joining our company and we want to thank you for the time and energy you invested in applying for our job opening.
We received a large number of applications, and after carefully reviewing all of them, unfortunately, we have to inform you that this time we won’t be able to invite you to the next phase of our selection process.
Though your qualifications are impressive, we have decided to move forward with a candidate whose experiences better meet our needs for this particular role.
However, we really do appreciate your interest in our company. We hope you’ll keep us in mind and apply again in the future should you see a job opening for which you qualify.
If you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email [insert your email address] or phone [insert your phone number].
We wish you every personal and professional success in your future endeavors.
Once again, thank you for your interest in working with us.
Kind regards,
[Your name and signature]
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How to use this email template?

Use the above email template as your guide, but make sure you insert all the needed information and customize it to fit your own needs.

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