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The internet can often feel cluttered with advertisements, disrupting your browsing experience and invading your privacy. Brave browser, renowned for its focus on privacy and speed, provides a built-in solution to this problem. Our guide will walk you through the simple steps to enable and customize Brave’s ad-blocking features, allowing you to browse the web smoothly and securely. Learn how to activate Brave’s powerful ad blockers, adjust settings for individual sites, and enjoy a cleaner, faster, and more private browsing experience. Say goodbye to unwanted ads and reclaim control over your online journey with Brave.

Step 1: Open Brave Browser

  • Start by launching the Brave browser on your device. You can find it on your desktop, in your applications folder, or by searching for it.

Step 2: Access Brave Shields

  • Brave’s ad-blocking feature is part of its ‘Brave Shields’ functionality. To access it, look for the lion icon in the address bar, near the top right of the browser window.

Step 3: Enable Ad Blocker

  • Click on the lion icon to open the Brave Shields panel. Here, you will see various protection options.
  • Ensure that the ‘Ads & Trackers Blocked’ toggle is turned on. This setting enables Brave’s built-in ad blocker, which automatically blocks most ads and trackers on websites you visit.

Step 4: Customize Shields Settings

  • In the same panel, you can adjust the level of protection. You can choose between ‘Standard’ and ‘Aggressive’ modes for blocking ads. ‘Aggressive’ mode blocks more ads but might cause some websites to not function correctly.
  • You can also disable Shields entirely for specific sites if needed, by toggling the ‘Shields UP for this site’ option to off. This might be necessary for sites that require ad viewing for content access.

Step 5: Manage Site-Specific Settings

  • For more granular control, click on the ‘Advanced view’ in the Shields panel. Here, you can manage cookies, scripts, and other elements for individual websites.

Step 6: Review Blocked Ads

  • As you browse, Brave Shields will display the number of ads and trackers it has blocked. You can view these statistics by clicking the lion icon.

Additional Tips

  • Regularly update Brave to ensure you have the latest ad-blocking features and security updates.
  • Remember, some websites rely on advertising revenue. Consider whitelisting trusted sites to support their content.
  • Explore Brave’s additional privacy features, like its built-in VPN and private browsing mode, for a more secure online experience.

By enabling and customizing Brave’s ad-blocking features, you can enjoy a more streamlined and distraction-free browsing experience, keeping your focus on the content that matters most to you.

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