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Want to dim the lights on the internet? Don’t let a bright screen mess with your eyes or sleep. Here’s how to enable dark mode in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

  1. Use a browser extension: One of the easiest ways to enable dark mode on your browser is to use a browser extension. Some popular options include “Dark Reader” for Google Chrome and Firefox, and “Night Eye” for Microsoft Edge.
  2. Enable the built-in dark mode: Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, have a built-in dark mode that you can enable from the settings. On Chrome, you can enable dark mode by going to Settings > Appearance > “Use system theme”
  3. Customize your browser’s CSS: Advanced users can customize their browser’s CSS to enable dark mode. This requires editing the browser’s stylesheet and adding custom CSS code.
  4. Use a browser theme: Some browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, allow users to install themes that change the appearance of the browser. You can install a dark mode theme to enable dark mode on your browser.
  5. Use a browser profile: Some browsers, such as Safari, allow you to create different profiles with different settings. You can create a new profile with dark mode enabled and use it when you want to use dark mode.

By using one of these methods, you can enable dark mode on your browser and reduce eye strain while using your computer at night. Keep in mind that some websites may not display correctly in dark mode, so you may need to switch back to the light mode for certain sites.


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